Breast Health Gummies | Chi-Chi Bears™
Breast Health Gummies | Chi-Chi Bears™

Breast Health Gummies | Chi-Chi Bears™

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Bears For The Curves

The female body is a work of art. We are here to support its entire potential and overall health. As you know hormones regulate everything. From mood, to the shape of your body to even athletic performance. We have formulated these Chi-Chi Bears into super tasty gummies that contain essential ingredients for:


  • Breast Health
  • Healthy Hormonal Support
  • Mood Support
  • Overall Performance

The Formula

We have filled our formula with EXOTIC herbs and essential nutrients such as biotin to give your body the nutrients it wants for a happy and healthier lifestyle.

Exotic Herbs

Dandelion Root


Highly nutritious, loaded with vitamins, minerals, and fiber.


Fennel Seed


May help regulate blood pressure, support eye health & support




May help minimize PMS symptoms, such as mood swings and cramps.


Wild Yam Root


Excellent source of manganese and potassium


Blessed Thistle


May support digestion. The blessed thistle has been used as early as the middle ages.

Exotic Herbs

Dong Quai


Super popular in eastern cultures, Dong Quai has been used in combination with many other herbs to help support blood circulation & minimize PMS symptoms.


Flax Seed


Provides Choline which helps support communication between cells. Contains Omega-3 which helps support heart health.


Saw Palmetto


May help support a healthy libido and promotes healthy hormonal balance.




May minimize menstrual cramps as well as stimulate the production of breast milk.

Essential Nutrients



Biotin may help your overall liver function as well as support healthy hair, skin & nails.


Vitamins & Minerals


We included Vitamins A,C & E as well as Zinc to support your overall health and wellness.

Chi-Chi Bears are super tasty Non-GMO, dairy free and soy free gummies that may support breast health, size and overall hormonal health. 


Our Chi-Chi Bears are vegan friendly. We made sure to include the most essential nutrients to help support your daily lifestyle in addition to breast and hormonal health.


We give you only the best made by the best. Our gummies are manufactured and bottled in GMP Certified facilities.

Customer Reviews

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Stephanie Aarstad
Nice size, bad flavor

They are soft to chew and small compared to most gummies. But the flavor is not appealing. Maple Syrup flavor is not my preference for a vitamin.