Beetroot Capsules
Beetroot Capsules

Beetroot Capsules

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Boss Bears® Beetroot Capsules Help With: 


  • Assisting Athletic Performance
  • Supporting Healthy Blood Circulation
  • Supporting Already Healthy Blood Sugar Levels

How It's Made

Our Boss Bears® Beetroot Capsules are NON-GMO & GMP Certified. Enjoy the benefits of Beetroot at 0 calories per serving! 

Natural Pumps with Boss Bears®

Beetroot has been proven to help support healthy blood circulation. The juicy pump you chase in the gym just got a little easier. Take 2 Beetroot Capsules before your workout for natural (juicy) pump support! 

"Boss Beets"

Why do we chase pumps at the gym? It simply feels good. It feels like we are really taking our body to the next level. Pumps are as much of a physical benefit as they are mentally. We feel euphoria and motivation to push through our workout. Beetroot is a vegetable that is used in soups and culturally various cuisine. Apart from the (juicy) pump benefits, Beetroot contains fiber, folate, manganese, potassium, iron, and vitamin C. Just like all of our supplements at Boss Bears®, we make sure to create supplements that are nutritious, natural and proven through thousands of years of use. 

Boss Bears® Caps

Check out our NEWLY LAUNCHED capsules. We created this new line to help all of you hardcore gym enthusiasts and aspiring bodybuilders to get the same boss lifestyle supporting nutrients without the calories. Our gummies have a massive fanbase as they make vitamin & nutrient supplementation super enjoyable with our amazing flavors but we made sure to expand Boss Bears® so that EVERYONE can enjoy the benefits of our natural & proven formulas! 

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Worked quickly

Jim Taylor

Really good


I take these before my lifts and let me tell ya….. pumps are ELITE. 10/10 product highly recommend!!